About AM

AM is a graphic design studio. We are committed to getting up early and bringing the future of intelligent design to our clients — on all platforms. We believe in the working idea. A little less guessing what the client wants and a lot more involvement and transparency in the process. We work closely with the client and produce creative solutions instead of talking them to death. That makes us feel alive.

In our eyes design is not just meant to be pretty. It’s ment to make people feel. To change things and tell stories. Great design comes from big ideas. And a group of creative minds with room to think big. It’s about being ambitious and doing good things. Together.

I AM and therefore we are. AM — Ambitious Minds.

Njalsgade 21G, 3. floor.
DK — 2300 Copenhagen S.



Kristina May Olsen, Partner

I believe in partnerships. I believe in good long-term relationships, and that the best design solutions are developed in close cooperation between the customer and us. No one knows you better than yourself, so basically my role will be to get to know you as well as possible. That’s why I ask many questions. I am truly interested in why you’re doing what you’re doing – that’s the starting-point of any given process.

– And then I just love design. I live and breathe creatively, and would never stop doing what I’m most passionate about.

kristina@weaream.dk / +45 2732 7117

Simon Nellemann, Partner


Design to the people. Large scale or small. Not just design for the sake of appearances, but good design built on strong ideas and on a solid strategic foundation in which design and communication go hand in hand. That’s what I’m passionate about. All tasks are to me interesting. It’s all about how you approach them. And to me, it’s always with an open mind.

simon@weaream.dk / +45 4089 6164

Søren J. Jensen, Designer

I believe that design is meant to communicate. Great design is based on strong ideas and a solid strategic foundation where design and communication go hand in hand. That’s exactly what I’m passionate about. I think that by loving what you do, combined with hard work, you will do great things. ”Work hard and stay humble” has always been a mantra to me. Maybe it´s because of my Jutland state of mind, but it’s what got me to where I AM today and what will lead to greater experiences.

soren@weaream.dk / +45 2241 7923

Lucas Fisker, Designer

You never know if what you know is right. Therefore, be curious and humble about everything. I’m curious from top to bottom and I always thrive on challenging my surroundings, the obvious and myself. I believe that the best approach to everything and everyone is an open mind.

With my strong technical knowledge and playful mindset, I relish exploring new approaches and techniques that will enable me to come up with new solutions. I do not believe that design should or can be timeless. Design is a language and like any language, it does and should evolve. Design has a life, a process; it is meant to be used and it will never be final.

lucas@weaream.dk / +45 2759 2520

Andreas Jarner, Designer

I think that visual communication in general is amazing. It’s a language that speaks to everyone’s emotions. Design can tell a story, but good design tells the right story. I believe that design should be built on a great concept and idea, and that is exactly what I’m passionate about. I am grateful that I have a job where I gain insights into different industries, I meet many inspiring people, and I am challenged every day.

andreas@weaream.dk / +45 2618 9614

Julius Harrebek, Designer – Intern

When working with design I have the deepest respect for the craftsmanship. It drives me to deliver great quality and enhancing my skills and knowledge every day through the work I do. I genuinely believe that design cannot be right or wrong. Forget about appearance, the design must always be reliant on surroundings and purpose. That is the reason why design can tell stories, and why good design always speaks for itself.


Simon Færch, Designer – Intern

As I learned how to read and write my attention was caught by typography – foreign scripts like japanese kana, korean hangul, cyrillic and arabic. Even though I didn’t understand it, I was fascinated by way these rows of symbols would form illustrations and – to natives – a language through which they could communicate.

This is kinda how I see design now. Putting the right symbols, shapes, colours and images together in the perfect sequence to communicate a purpose or story. As a student, I’m still very new in the design field, and it takes a lot of trial and error, but It’s a great feeling when you get the syntax just right.