High-end and down to earth

To buy or sell a home is a big decision. Therefore it often demands guidance from professionals. But not just any professionals, it needs to be the right one.

Lützau is a well established real estate agent located in North Zealand for over 25 years. They are selling high-end real estate but they have a down to earth attitude. A deal is a deal.

In many ways Lützau don’t consider themselves as very different to other competent real estate agents – and yet.

According to them they can’t hide there enthusiasm for what they are doing. And why should they?
At AM we always love to work with people who are passionated and enthusiastic about what they are doing.

The new identity we have made for Lützau balance the high-end real estate with their down to earth attitude. The identity is based on a subtle use of typography and colours, to create the best surroundings for displaying all type of estates. It’s crucial that the identity generate the best in every estates without being too dominant.