Our Minds

Starting with the AM in the mirror

Who are you? That’s one of the most essential things we at AM work with – everyday. Be it big or small, straight forward or complicated, we always help our clients to look, feel and communicate in a clear and simple way.

But what about ourselves?

When we took a closer look in the mirror, we found that the way that we approached our own clients was actually a bit confusing. What is our own “Why” “How” and “What”? What defines us compared to our friends and competitors in the design world?

What matters most to us is to MOVE people. Touch emotions. Evoke compassion. Incite action. Stir things up. Blow minds. Design has the power to do all of this and more and this is what drives our passion to create.

We believe that GREAT design flows out of clear ideas that solve a specific problem.
And people have come to count on us to UNFOLD the right design and communication through our process of revealing what is important.
And that’s what we are best at. So this is what AM is about. And we always work as a team — because we believe that it takes creative minds to be both ambitious and creating great things. Together.

So this is who we are and this is what our new posters claim: We unfold ideas built on great design and communication that moves. So we are. AM. Ambitious Minds.

Stop by our office to see for yourself.