Success is not final

Radius is a Danish industry leader in developing communication concepts, PR and campaigns, but for its own visual identity, Radius approached AM for guidance and execution.

Based on the name Radius and the concept of mediating a connection between a “sender” and a “receiver”, AM created a series of illustrations of routes or ways to connect the “R” (“receiver”) at the beginning of the name “Radius” with the “S” (“sender”) at the end of the name.

The tagline “Success is not final” was developed by AM. It was inspired by Winston Churchill, who is quoted as saying: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

The designs work as a sort of fifth element and can be seen on everything from the spatial branding of the Radius office to the stationery and website.


A central part of the rebranding exercise was the creation of a new website for Radius. The solution was a simple and visually attractive update with room for new compelling images, graphics and typography.

Photographer: Lasse Bech Martinussen