The Real University

Hvad vil du i virkeligheden? What do you really want to do? What do you want to do, really? This time of year universities compete for the best and brightest among young people. Roskilde University asked us to develop a campaign directed at both prospective bachelor and master students. The campaign revolves around the quintessential question all young people ask themselves: What do I really want to do? It positions Roskilde University as a place for people who solve problems and make a difference in the real world.
Introduced in the new Roskilde University CVI with bold type and colours, the campaign is spread across print, web and social media. It addresses the reality of studying at Roskilde University and the unique educational approach.

The campaign presents 11 current RUC students from different faculties and levels, who explain what they, personally, want to accomplish in the world and what their reality is. Each student has also picked three personal items to help tell that story. Together with brand strategist Camilla Frederiksen and photographer Lasse Dearman, AM has been responsible for the concept development, design, art direction and copy – while our friends at Kadaver have implemented the campaign online.

Meet the real stars of Roskilde University below.

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