To the future and beyond

Subscrybe believes that long-lasting customer relationships are fundamental for the success of companies now and into the future. As leaders within their field of marketing, they guide, innovate and consult businesses on building thriving subscription and membership-based business models.

At AM we are very proud to work with the concept of long-standing relationships – a concept we believe is essential in the business of branding.

The identity we have created for Subscrybe exploits the common symbols associated with subscriptions and loyalty programs. The idea was to create a very dynamic identity using an asterisk. The “*” is a recognisable symbol we all know from memberships. We’ve used it to make a reference to the new tagline “*to the future”. Core to the identity is also the checkbox – a symbol that most of us interact with on a daily basis. It will most of the time appear unchecked – raising the question as to whether the receiver wants to participate in the future.