We unfold ideas, built on great design and communication that moves.

AM is a graphic design studio. In our minds design is not just meant to be pretty. It’s meant to make people feel. To change things and tell stories. It’s about being ambitious and doing great things. Together.

Make a move — Make it matter

Breathe for a change

Nothing in the air tonight. Welcome to the first allergen-free sleep zone.

Made from the Heart of Denmark

In the beautiful countryside of North Funen, Gyldensteen Gods is placed close to the sea, forest and meadow.

The cafeteria rediscovered

Bistro 28 unites gastronomy and food for the masses through a true love for the meal.

Signed. Sailed. Delivered

Alba Tankers Aalborg is known for their innovation and reliability in the shipping business. 

Gourmet in different formats

A taste of a dynamic identity for the new high-end gourmet restaurant in Copenhagen.

Rum for all and all for rum

High spirits with a touch of Danish design. Here is Rum for you, me and all of us.

High-end and down to earth

High-end real estate with a down to earth attitude. A deal is a deal for Lützau.

Liberté, égalité, CG

We facilitated the process towards a brand new strategy and developed a new and bold identity for CG.

Precious diamond

The Danish Internet Awards,  now has a new glimmering name. And a new sharp visual brand, with a diamond as the focal point.

To the future and beyond

How about a future with long lasting relationships? A future where we talk about it and advance, together.

PS! Every patient should feel safe

New identity for The Danish Society for Patient Safety introducing bright colors and powerful graphics to induce strength.

Speaking up for the kids

The NGO Børns Vilkår stand up for the kids. We are proud to present their new lively and positive identity.

Flipp it baby one more time

Get access to all the content in their 20+ magazines through one single app. Welcome Flipp!

The forgotten manor

Selsø – the manor history forgot. Not anymore.

The voice of Atos

Atos Medical is a Swedish world leader for solutions in voice prosthesis. In short: Atos is giving a voice to people.

The Real University

What do you really want to do? If you want to make a difference in reality, and solve real world problems – choose Roskilde, the real university.

Success is not final

Giving a visual edge to the Danish communications agency Radius.

Sharing economy

Communication and campaign for one of the biggest NGO’s in the field – Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, Danchurch Aid.

In Her Majesty’s service

Revitalizing the crowning touch.

The theme for Arkitema

Creating the best architectural environment for people, Arkitema is the one of the leading architecture firms in Scandinavia.

Only one logo is no-go

Designing for designers is like being the architect creating the house for the architects – fun and challenging.

Full circle

Holistic visual identity for the Danish Cyclist’s Federation.