Rum for all and all for rum

At AM we cherish new start-ups and ‘outside the box’ ideas. So when a couple of guys from Funen asked us if we would be interested in creating the visual identity for their Danish rum brand, ‘1423’, we were on – of course. The idea behind the design was to blend a distinct Caribbean product with a minimalist, typography-based Scandinavian understanding of design.

Since then the guys at 1423 have expanded their product line from a single bottle of rum to a whole range of great-tasting rums of different age and style as well as a Christmas calendar and a gift set. The latest edition to the series is the S.B.S. – Single Barrel Selection. The 1423 rum has also become the spirit of choice at the AM office, so if you stop by, remember to ask for a taste or two.

Photos by Kristine Funch